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«I'm still talking about Love» Apollonios Glavas

Σελίδες: 58
Διαστάσεις: 21x14 
Δέσιμο: μαλακό εξώφυλλο
Λιανική Τιμή: 10  ευρώ
Κατηγορία: Ποίηση 
ISBN: 978-960-607-132-4

Sometimes your life shows you its darkest face, stupid acts of brainless people blew the most beautiful I had built inside me for them.  Frustration-Blank. By one day, the creator showed me his most glamorous creation. Suddenly, my life filled with light, I felt a hand pull me from the darkness and show me again the blue sky, the color of her eyes. I fell in love with her,  I felt my heart again striking, waking and escaping  from her annoying bonds with silence.  It is again times when the mouth has difficulty expressing the feelings and the words have no sound, and I who learned to speak with the pencil, I dedicate to you these poems, my soul.  It's what I felt about you and what I felt was doing me  every day a better man.  Thank you. 

Apollonios Glavas, born on 5 September 1978 in Athens. His great love for Ancient Greece forced him to adopt the name Apollonios. Graduate of the Navy Academy, having also attended courses in the management of shipping companies from a foreign university. From a small age, he loved great arts and music. His free time he liked to write melodies and lyrics with his piano. Poetry has come to his life in the past two years. This is his first book. 

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Καραγάτση 27, 41221, Λάρισα

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Αθήνα: Βιβλιοπωλείο  ΠΑΡ ΗΜΙΝ 
Τρικούπη Χαριλάου 11Α, Αθήνα, 10679, ΑΤΤΙΚΗ
Τηλέφωνο: 2103802542

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Αθήνα: Βιβλιοπωλείο  ΠΑΡ ΗΜΙΝ 
Τρικούπη Χαριλάου 11Α, Αθήνα, 10679, ΑΤΤΙΚΗ
Τηλέφωνο: 2103802542

1. Λευκωσία: Βιβλιοπωλείο Ελλάς, Ζήνας Κάνθερ 16
2. Λάρνακα: Academic & General Bookshop, Ερμού 41, 6023, τηλ: 24628401
3. Λευκωσία: Parga, Λεωφ. Τσερίου 94 Στρόβολος, τηλ. 22327740
4. Πάφος. New edition, 1ης Απριλίου 8, 8011 

I'm still talking about love, Apollonios Glavas

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